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Commodity Ticker Spot
Ticker Spot
Symbol Date Place Value Rs. % Change
ALMOND 21-Nov-2019 DELHI 607.25 (NA)
ALUMINI 21-Nov-2019 MUMBAI 137.80 (NA)
ALUMINIUM 21-Nov-2019 MUMBAI 137.80 (NA)
BRASSPHY 21-Nov-2019 JAMNAGAR 299.70 (NA)
CARDAMOM 21-Nov-2019 VANDANMEDU 2834.00 (NA)
CASTORSEED 21-Nov-2019 DEESA 4307.00 (NA)
CHANA 21-Nov-2019 DELHI 4550.00 (NA)
COPPER 21-Nov-2019 MUMBAI 445.50 (NA)
COTTON 21-Nov-2019 RAJKOT 18550.00 (NA)
CPO 21-Nov-2019 KANDLA 654.20 (NA)
GOLD 21-Nov-2019 AHMD 38096.00 (NA)
GOLDGUINEA 21-Nov-2019 AHMEDABAD 30599.00 (NA)
GOLDM 21-Nov-2019 Ahmedabad 38096.00 (NA)
GOLDPETAL 21-Nov-2019 MUMBAI 3824.00 (NA)
GUARGUM 21-Nov-2019 JODHPUR 8348.00 (NA)
GUARSEED 21-Nov-2019 JODHPUR 4200.00 (NA)
JUTE 21-Nov-2019 KOLKATA 4883.00 (NA)
KAPAS 21-Nov-2019 RAJKOT 1000.50 (NA)
LEAD 21-Nov-2019 MUMBAI 159.75 (NA)
LEADMINI 21-Nov-2019 MUMBAI 159.75 (NA)
MENTHAOIL 21-Nov-2019 CHANDAUSI 1405.30 (NA)
NICKEL 21-Nov-2019 MUMBAI 1089.80 (NA)
PEPPER 21-Nov-2019 KOCHI 33885.00 (NA)
RBDPMOLEIN 21-Nov-2019 KANDLA 710.00 (NA)
REFSOYOIL 21-Nov-2019 INDORE 842.10 (NA)
SILVER 21-Nov-2019 AHMD 44682.00 (NA)
SILVERM 21-Nov-2019 AHMEDABAD 44682.00 (NA)
SILVERMIC 21-Nov-2019 AHMEDABAD 44682.00 (NA)
SUGARMDEL 21-Nov-2019 DELHI 3725.00 (NA)
SUGARMKOL 21-Nov-2019 KOLHAPUR 3465.00 (NA)
SUGARSKLP 21-Nov-2019 KOLHAPUR 3275.00 (NA)
TIN 21-Nov-2019 MUMBAI 1171.25 (NA)
WHEAT 21-Nov-2019 DELHI 2280.00 (NA)
ZINC 21-Nov-2019 MUMBAI 190.75 (NA)
ZINCMINI 21-Nov-2019 MUMBAI 190.75 (NA)
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